Wednesday, January 19, 2011

from Chloes Blog

We are still at $215 of our target $25,000.
I am selling Chloes motorbike jacket as she has grown out of it now she has boobs, so that $50 will go in the kitty and we are waiting on payment for Chloes excercise machine , anothe $40 in the kitty.

If you can help with just $5,it will be much appreciated :)

Chloe has updated her blog and here is a small excerpt. The blog talks about the supposed "rght and wrong" reasons for SRS sugery,that she has come across.

I'm not sure what the "right" reason to get SRS is.. Something about knowing and feeling fulfilled or some crap.

My reason personally is a mix of everything..
1. I've had fantasy's about having one and I feel like it would be fine.
2. Shortly after birth I got a penile urethral stricture.. wasnt such a problem untill 4 months into transition after a minor surgery I could no longer get aroused without screaming in pain nor could I go to the bathroom, This can be fixed by SRS, solving 23 years of pain and agony not related to transition.. Even if I didn't have GID I would still take this option.

Please help, this is no way to live long term.

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