Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yay- a time frame

We have a time frame...finally.

Chloe saw the 3 Dr's from the Monash Dysphoria Clinic on our whirlwind trip to Melbourne and back with her post op plated arm after the motorcycle crash a few days earlier.

SRS is 12 months away.

She has to drop some weight over the 12 months ,join a health fund , in case of any complications, and see the psych a couple of times. It still seems too far away for her ,esp regarding the stricture problem, but this is how it is, and she has a time line at last.

She will have to address the stricture problem separately this year, to cope with the 12 months ahead.

We have 12 months to raise 10,000 dollars, so please donate when you can.

The donations thus far were used for accommodation ,travel and parking in Melbourne.A BIG Thankyou to everyone who donated, it made the trip much easier.

Please Please Please hit the donate button.

$10,000 can we do it????? :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

moving forward

Chloe was accepted to the Monash Dysphoria clinic in Melbourne.on hte 11th July , We have 3 appointments in 2 days and an 8 hour drive ahead of us. It is too far on the motorbike with a urethral stricture,so I am driving her down to see the Psych, endo and surgeon.
The money so far donated will be used for the trip down there.
Heres hoping we can convince them to do her surgery quickly as she has had another ER visit. There is nothing they will do unless she needs a catheter or is in renal failure! '

Hoping to plead compassionate grounds for speed and cost reduction with the clinic.

Any new donations warmly welcomed.
Thanks again to those who have donated thus far :) mwa xxx

Monday, April 11, 2011

good news

Hi, quick update, I've contacted the Monash University Dysphoria Clinic,in Melbourne, they have a "one stop shop" with psych consults, SRS surgeon etc. The cost is much less than going overseas or to a private surgeon, if you have heath cover. So Chloe is joining a fund and will have to wait 12 months before she can claim for pre-existing conditions unless we can raise the money to have it done quicker without being in a fund.
There is light at the end of the tunnel surgery wise.
Chloe is sending in all the info required,which includes a personal journey letter, photos and a GP referral. From the time they receive it then its about a month to the initial appointment. There will still be some considerable cost involves esp as she has to travel interstate for each appointment, but more achievable.
I've reduced our fundraising target to $10,000.
Please help if you can ,thanks

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

paypal button

I have just realised that changing my email with paypal meant that the button here would not work.
I have now change the code for the paypal button and it will now work.

If you have tried to make a donation my apologies, please try again.

Thanks again for your help for Chloe, every dollar counts.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

blocked & bleeding-again.

Looks like Chloe has an emergency hospital visit and a dilation to endure.

If you have a spare $5 you can help end this painful and embarrasing problem.

The sooner Chloe can get her surgery to correct things the better.

Thanks in advance

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Quick update. We are up to 85 supporters on facebook. it is climbing slower than I thought it would.

I have added an Adsence widget to my main blog IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY and this blog and any money earned I will add to the donations.

thanks heaps

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

from Chloes Blog

We are still at $215 of our target $25,000.
I am selling Chloes motorbike jacket as she has grown out of it now she has boobs, so that $50 will go in the kitty and we are waiting on payment for Chloes excercise machine , anothe $40 in the kitty.

If you can help with just $5,it will be much appreciated :)

Chloe has updated her blog and here is a small excerpt. The blog talks about the supposed "rght and wrong" reasons for SRS sugery,that she has come across.

I'm not sure what the "right" reason to get SRS is.. Something about knowing and feeling fulfilled or some crap.

My reason personally is a mix of everything..
1. I've had fantasy's about having one and I feel like it would be fine.
2. Shortly after birth I got a penile urethral stricture.. wasnt such a problem untill 4 months into transition after a minor surgery I could no longer get aroused without screaming in pain nor could I go to the bathroom, This can be fixed by SRS, solving 23 years of pain and agony not related to transition.. Even if I didn't have GID I would still take this option.

Please help, this is no way to live long term.