Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yay- a time frame

We have a time frame...finally.

Chloe saw the 3 Dr's from the Monash Dysphoria Clinic on our whirlwind trip to Melbourne and back with her post op plated arm after the motorcycle crash a few days earlier.

SRS is 12 months away.

She has to drop some weight over the 12 months ,join a health fund , in case of any complications, and see the psych a couple of times. It still seems too far away for her ,esp regarding the stricture problem, but this is how it is, and she has a time line at last.

She will have to address the stricture problem separately this year, to cope with the 12 months ahead.

We have 12 months to raise 10,000 dollars, so please donate when you can.

The donations thus far were used for accommodation ,travel and parking in Melbourne.A BIG Thankyou to everyone who donated, it made the trip much easier.

Please Please Please hit the donate button.

$10,000 can we do it????? :)